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As a result of digitization, a significant number of activities are now carried out by laptops, mobile devices, and computers in various document forms. With that, file conversion has become an issue because the work involves a wide range of documents. One problem is converting files from PDF to PDF/A in a timely and efficient manner.

Converting PDF files to PDF/A format is essential if you wish to use them for future reference or preserve them for a long time. Fortunately, a helpful and comprehensive website can walk you through the conversion process step by step. So keep on reading to find more details about this online converter and how it may help you learn how to convert files.

Differences Between PDF and PDF/A

Some individuals may question what a PDF/A is and how it differs from the conventional PDF format when converting PDF to PDFA. Portable Document Format (PDF) is an Adobe format that ensures that files or documents are archived electronically, whether in hard copy or printed form, independent of the channel or device used.

Aside from that, PDF is a reputable file format that is effectively helpful in creating electronic books. PDF/A, in contrast to PDF, is a version of the PDF format that ensures that it can duplicate the file in the same format regardless of the program used to create it. Thus, PDF/A protects, preserves, and makes your document accessible in the long run.

Four Easy Steps to Converting PDFs With GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is one of the most dependable PDF to PDF/A converters among the hundreds of online conversion solutions accessible. However, there is a technical method for archiving files in PDF/A format that you may use independently. Still, there are several advantages to using an application designed to help you with the procedure. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to spend significant time transforming PDF to PDF/A with GoGoPDF because it only takes a few minutes. The site changes files at a significantly faster rate since it employs the most cutting-edge conversion system accessible. If you need to convert a PDF to PDF/A file format, follow the steps below for a quick conversion:

  1. The first step in converting a PDF file to PDF/A is to type GoGoPDF into your web browser. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the files you want to transform into a PDF/A. For the faster procedure, simply drag and drop them into the toolbox column.
  2. The site will then provide a variety of option levels under the uploaded content. As a result, you must first identify what those categories are capable of before making a decision. If you are unfamiliar with them, you don’t have to worry. On each of them, GoGoPDF provides valuable information.
  3. After finishing transmitting the documents, wait for the action to finish. The procedure to thoroughly modify the documents typically takes up to one minute or more, depending on the stability of your internet connection.
  4. You will be able to download or save the file after making changes to it. GoGoPDF makes the process of saving a document to your device easier. With a single click, you can quickly transfer the newly converted PDF/A file. When you click the download button, you will receive a notification when the download is complete.

Document Integrity and Privacy Protection Using GoGoPDF

All presentations and files are strictly confidential with the utmost secrecy. As an outcome, some users who need to convert PDF documents are apprehensive about using an online application. GoGoPDF, as a dependable converter, takes care of every detail to ensure that data are correctly safe. Moreover,  the privacy of every file posted to the system is also safe.

Adding to that, GoGoPDF users also don’t have to worry about securing their files because they will automatically extract them following the conversion. However, GoGoPDF is wary of its users’ data, so it follows and applies the Data Privacy Law. The presence of the Data Privacy Law ensures that the user’s data has maximum protection and that security is a top priority.


Keeping up has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rapid advancement of technology. It has come in handy for regularly documenting and filing transactions. Furthermore, GogoPDF’s ability to incorporate new features into its most dependable PDF to PDF/A file conversion provides a significant efficiency boost to meet future demands.

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