The Best Breitling Watches to Add to Your Wardrobe



Breitling is a brand known for its high-quality Swiss luxury watches. Founded in 1884, they showcase a variety of watches with a range of purposes and designs. Whether you have their pieces used for aviation or those used for non-professional events, you can be sure that it is of top quality in style and performance.

You can never go wrong with purchasing a Breitling watch. The problem lies with which one, with so many options to choose from, all of them so beautiful, one can find themselves in a difficult spot. We have listed 7 of the best watches you should consider from Breitling’s wide collection of luxury watches.

Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46

This Breitling watch belongs to the ever famous Navitimer family, made to assist pilots in solving mathematical problems. The stainless steel casing gives it that refined look. The black dial creates a drastic contrast which allows for easy reading. Thanks to modern technology, Navitimers now have the B01 caliber. All of these add up to produce a stunning, classy, and functional watch.

Aviator 8 AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition

This timepiece is very reminiscent of the Co-Pilot Ref. 765 AVI, which was released all the way back during the 1950s; this is because this is a contemporary rendition of that design. The AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition from Breitling Watches may pay homage to its predecessor, but its interior is anything but retro. Instead, it has the B09 caliber, which was explicitly designed for re-edition models.

SuperOcean Automatic 44 Outerknown

This piece is produced in collaboration with Kelly Slater’s surfwear line, making it a popular timekeeper for surfers and surfing enthusiasts. With water resistance up to 1,000 meters, this watch truly is built for the waters. And as an added bonus, it has an ECONYL yarn Nato strap, which is made from recycled materials that were collected from our waters.

Aviator 8 B35 Automatic Unitime 43

This watch is adorned by travelers all over the globe. The watch is able to tell the time of the 24 world time zones, making it a very versatile and useful watch for those who travel or those who often do transactions worldwide. The face may seem a bit too loud, but its black and silver color palette gives it a simple yet sharp and classy look.

Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf Night Mission

This timepiece is actually a part of Breitling’s 2019 relaunching of the Avenger family. Its design enables it to be operated even when wearing gloves or underwater; with its 3,000-meter water resistance, this watch is suited for aviators and divers alike. The watch stays true to its name, “Night Mission,” as it is mainly black, giving it a subtle and cold appearance.

SuperOcean Heritage ’57 Steel Gold and Black Dial with Brown Leather Straps

The Gold and Black casing with a smooth bezel and leather straps make it a classy choice that can go with just about anything. Although it is such a versatile watch, it still sticks to the primary purpose of the SuperOcean family, dives watches that operate with utmost precision. Whether you are a diver or just an admirer, the SuperOcean Heritage ’57 Steel just might be the watch for you.

Chronomat B01 42 Rose Gold

The Chronomat B01 42 is a watch made for aviators but has become a favorite of people who have no aviation knowledge at all. It comes with many variations, but no matter the configurations, you are bound to have a stunning and bold watch on your wrist. The Chronomat has a black dial, rose gold casing, and three sub-dials making it a stunning watch indeed.

Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton

This model is produced in collaboration with Norton, a British motorcycle brand. This watch sports a brown raw leather strap with a silver casing, giving it that iconic color palette. What differentiates it from the Premier B01 is the engraved Norton logo on the case and the case back. Fun fact, this watch is one of Brad Pitt’s favorite timepieces.

Top Time Limited Edition

This design was originally released in the 1960s; it was released with an affordable price tag, which was Breitling’s way to increase appeal towards the younger market. To this day, with its contemporary rendition, this design still retains the affordable price tag. With its playful Zoro dial on a silver casing with brown leather straps, this watch is sure to complement almost anything you pair it with.


Breitling is one of the best Swiss watchmakers in the market. With over a century of experience, they have mastered the craft of watchmaking. They can offer you just about anything you need. Whether it be a classy watch for a date, a partner for flying, or a timekeeper for the deep, Breitling has got you covered.

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