The use of electric vehicles is being pushed hard by the car leasing group Eclipx 

Julian Russell, the car leasing group Eclipx chief executive, says that the company is doing all it can to ensure it convinces as many companies as possible to shift to the use of electric vehicles and hybrids. He added that Eclipx would provide an innovative package that will lure companies to shift. 

Russell said that Europe is among the countries that are responding very well. He added that the major hindrance the company is encountering is the higher costs of EVs against environmental considerations. Russell is the former banker in USB investment, and he oversees brands such as FleetChoice, FleetPartners, and FleetPlus in one of major Australia’s car leasing groups. Eclipx has many esteemed customers, and its leasing operations include Coca-Cola Amatil, Westpac, NAB, and ANZ. 

On Wednesday, the company announced a great rise in profit over the loss it had made the year before. In the financial year that ended in September, Eclipx reported an increase of $18.2 million net profit compared to a $342 million loss in the previous year. Russell has sold six non-core businesses for the 18 months he has been working for the company. This has made the company exit from Georgie, Eclipx Commercial, Grays Online,, and 

Charges of electric vehicles

Russell said that they have been lucky since cost-cutting and restructuring were carried out before the pandemic’s strike. More novated leasing activities have begun to gain momentum, adding that he has seen a great improvement in the past few weeks. He also said that businesses are more willing to place their employees into new cars instead of expanding the lease after terminating. 

On Tuesday, there was a great achievement when Lucas Rob, South Australian Treasurer, announced that SA would implement electric vehicle owners with road user charges, not forgetting that it will still be involved in road maintenance contribution. Petrol guzzler’s drivers pay a higher amount of money in fuel excise while electric vehicle owners do not. 

Tony Weber, the chief executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, said that the embracement move was extraordinary with developed nations across the globe recognizing the many advantages of low and zero-emission vehicles. Jafari Behyad, the chief executive of Electric Vehicle Council, said that SA would be very much honored by seeing a jurisdiction that would put disincentives for buying electric vehicles.

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