Starlink Satellite project faces Challenges in India

2020 was a challenging year globally as the world experienced the Covid-19 pandemic. Why not, when everything seemed to stop with multiple health and economic problems. However, if something last year taught us was the importance of a stable internet connection with schools shifting online, employees working remotely, and businesses ran online. Areas with poor connection faced a more challenging time compared to regions with stable internet connections. The SpaceX Starlink project is a satellite-based internet project that provides a strong internet connection, especially in rural areas. It is one of the projects that give hope to people in remote areas that, at one point, they will receive a strong internet connection.

Currently, SpaceX is offering Beta services in the United States and other areas to make the project better for all. A recent report states that Elon Musk is aiming to introduce satellite internet in India by 2022. However, despite the plan being in the early stages, it is currently facing hurdles. Reliable sources claim that Broadband India Forum has requested the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and ISRO to block SpaceX company from offering India’s beta services.

ET states that the president of the industry body representing International companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, TV Ramachandran, claims that SpaceX doesn’t have the permission to offer their services in the country. Elon Musk SpaceX is offering a beta pre-book option to Starlink services for a refundable amount of Rs 7,200. How does Starlink work? It uses a satellite constellation, a collection of small internet satellites in the earth’s orbit and orbits around the earth’s surface than regular satellites. The close proximity feature allows Starlink to offer better interference and latency.

A recent report from the tech company notes that the firm has worked with astronauts to reduce the satellites’ brightness to ensure that the project doesn’t interfere with the astronomers’ observations. Other than the regulatory problems SpaceX faces in India, the forum reported that Starlink doesn’t have ground stations in India and the frequency authorization from DoT and ISRO to offer their services.

Starlink appears not to match the existing guidelines; hence, no commercial can occur in the testing phase of their services. A TRAI senior officer responded to the issue claiming that they are looking into the case. Also, SpaceX is yet to respond to the allegations about their operation in India. Previously, the tech-based company stated that the company has limiting offers and will offer the services on a first-come-first-serve basis. It has listed several locations in India. Whether SpaceX will solve India’s queries to get a chance to provide their services is a mystery, and citizens are looking forward to a new internet venture.

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