Evona, a recruiting startup, is expanding to reach a global market

Several Americans aspire to a profession in space travel, mainly as an explorer visiting deep space. Though astronaut positions are rare and farther between, the correct certification could help you land a different yet very lucrative job with the US National aeronautics And Space (NASA). If anyone’s interests are in astronomy, electronics, engineering, or communication, they may begin planning for a profession in space travel by pursuing degrees related to the stated job.

On the other hand, Evona, a space company hiring startup headquartered in the United Kingdom, aims to launch a branch in the United States as a push to help address international expectations for space sector jobs. Since its inception in 2018 to hire staff for ambitious space firms, Bristol-based Evona has grown exponentially.  Evona’s sales grew far more than sixfold every year in the past year, and its workforce has multiplied in two years, the firm reported on March 17. “Approximately 60percent of the company we conduct is in the United States, 30percent in Europe, and 10percent in India, Singapore, and all around the globe,” EVONA co-CEO and co-founder Tom Kelly informed Space News. Evona supports enterprises in recognizing and hiring employees with diverse skillsets ranging from RF, technical, and instructional design to welding and fabrication.

Evona also arranges school and group activities and forum meetings to increase the future population of space industry staff. According to Kelly, there is a reality that requires discussion for the space program world in general, and that perception goes beyond cosmonauts. The space program has the scope of places and resources to inspire a new generation. Astrobotic, Honeybee Robots, Capella Space, Masten Space Systems, Mobius Laboratories, York Space Systems, and Space Talent are among Evona’s customers. “Evona has become an extremely important collaborator in our own recruitment requirements as well as helping various businesses via Space Skill,” stated Justus Kilian, director of Space Talent. “They have proven their capacity to locate incredible potential at all levels of the space exploration stack and occupy a wide range of corporate and technological roles.”

According to Jessica Maddin, Honeybee Robotics’ human resource generalist, Evona has brought leading applicants to the company and enabled it to fill several hard-to-fill specialization positions. Although Jessica finds it odd that they are conducting US recruitment in the United Kingdom, she is happy they are since they have supported the company finds several phenomenal talents. Until changing its name to Evona and launching a new portal, the recruitment company was known as We Are Quattro.


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