The UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce are partnering to explore the utilization of nuclear energy for space adventures

The contract between the UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce will involve the pursuit of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source that will revolutionize the exploration of deeper space. This energy source can perform more efficiently than diesel and other fuels driving the space vehicles to deep space. Experts and scientists projected that nuclear propulsion could send a rocket to mass in about 3 months, which is half of the period that the space vehicles running on chemical propulsion take. The splitting of atoms to create this energy could require advanced technology that the space industry has proven to sustain in the previous years. However, this would be the first time that such technology graces the space industry.

Moreover, nuclear energy will generate employment opportunities that can take up the experts trained in the field of propulsion. The UK Science Minister, Amanda Solloway, stated that such contracts would help in creating jobs for the citizens who became unemployed because of the pandemic. Amanda reiterated that innovation in this industry would also begin taking shape, opening opportunities for the UK to monitor space operations. This technology will ensure that the country sends its astronauts to space to gather more knowledge about the cosmos. On the other hand, the CEO of the UK Space Agency, Dr. Graham Turnock, explained that nuclear energy would make the missions that returned to Earth with insufficient data about the solar system are explored in full details and their formation phenomena explained. Graham also anticipates watching the development of atomic space vehicles.

Dave Gordon, one of the senior executives of Rolls-Royce, expressed the company’s excitement to partner with the UK Space Agency in exploring this defining technology. Gordon added that this project’s success could make the country consider hinging its energy security in nuclear power. Additionally, nuclear power could resolve the problem of radiation ingestion that astronauts have frequently lamented about when it is their energy source. Astronauts will also evade the problem of running out of power and utilizing inefficient fuel cells. Initially, the space vehicles would receive reduced to no solar energy since they patched away from the sun to deep space. The answer to this problem will be nuclear energy, provided the scientists to handle it with the magnitude that it requires. Astronauts should remember the explosion that transpired in Japan at one of the plants dealing in this energy and handle the power with caution.

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