The US military requires espionage space technologies

The US Space Force and the US Space Command executives outlined that artificial intelligence technologies and space monitoring sensors are becoming their primary target for data analysis.  The head of Space Operations, Gen. John Raymond, explained that technologies that increase the quick assessment of data and its analysis are urgent needs for the US Space Force. At the webinar held by the Halifax International Security Forum, Raymond must declare their demands and identify the space companies that provide the services they require. 

The US Space Force has classified the technology of detecting and analyzing the cosmos and payloads offering data about Earth as space domain awareness. The US military has several sites on Earth providing data about it and the satellites in the low-Earth orbit to observe the activities taking place on Earth. Space Force is skeptical that it requires advanced technologies that can distinguish between commercial payloads and space weapons. Gen Raymond added that the Space Force versatile technology evaluates data at a hypersonic speed and distributes it to its friends and commercial space companies. 

Furthermore, the agency wants to mark potential space debris and warn the companies that own the payloads to plan the mitigation process adequately. Gen. Raymond explained this would help the department tasked with space debris management responsibility to suggest the right technology to deorbit the payloads without leaving a significant portion of it in space. He added that they could also advocate for space operations like zero payload collisions, less blowing up of payloads, and clearance of the debris generated during space missions to minimize space debris creation. 

Gen. John Shaw of the US Space Command explained that they would be paying more attention to space domain awareness to meet the agency’s priorities. Shaw was the head of the space operations at Vandenberg Air Force, and he is now the deputy of the Space Command commander, a position held by Gen. James Dickinson. General Dickinson stated that they hope to procure advanced technology that will help them in their space operations. He said this in a virtual conference held by the Air Force Association’s Schriever Chapter. 

Shaw announced that the technology would support the deployment of high-quality payloads that meet both the Space Force and the Space Command’s demands. Shaw noted that the transmission and analysis of data at a quick speed would help the two agencies make informed decisions. Finally, the US Space Command will be dealing with space traffic to avert the dangers that come with collisions in space. The agency hopes that it can transfer the Commerce Department’s responsibility when it has an outline of the program.

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