Carlsen Leads Firouzja Faces On Penultimate

The young Iranian falls into ‘sudden death’ before Caruana, world runner-up

Alireza Firouzja not only has already gotten into the top 20 in the world at the age of 17 but also stalks the multichampion Magnus Carlsen with whom he faces on Thursday in one of the most important tournaments of the year the Altiboz Norway Chess which is dispute in Stavanger Norway

The Iranian suffered in the 8th round to tie the slow game with world No 2 American Fabiano Caruana and then fell to sudden death Carlsen easily beat his compatriot Aryan Tari and faces the rest day as leader

One of Firouzjas weak points linked to his age 17 years and the absence of a team of analysts working for him is the repertoire of openings

Caruana knows it and that is why he went off the beaten track against the CaroKann Defense with good results not a very large but consistent advantage due to the poor pawn structure of his rival However the young star found enough resources to force a tie after four hours of suffering

Firouzja repeated defense in the tiebreaker game in which a draw was enough ten minutes for White forced to win and seven for Black

And after the first few sets it seemed that he had been right this time because the position was objectively balanced

But he soon saw the harsh reality he still doesnt know that kind of scheme well Caruana yes and it did not take long to achieve a winning advantage which he executed with enough wisdom to take revenge for what happened in the first round when the Asian knocked him down in the tiebreaker

In addition to fulfilling the easy prediction that he was going to beat his compatriot Tari the world champion signed a lesson that should be carefully studied in every chess club how to win a position where the opponent only has one square and a weak pawn

Much less interesting was the duel between the Armenian Levón Aronián and the Polish Jan Duda Everything indicates that Aronian was suffering from a problem which affected his performance well below the usual level

In a very strange attitude for who is 15th in the world at 22 years old Duda proposed a scheme where he had to fight for the tie for a long time But the Armenian did not even try and proposed the draw very early to later fall into sudden death or Armageddon with a very poor game

Thursdays clash between the king for the moment indisputable and who is beginning to emerge as his most predictable successor promises a lot Firouzja plays with white encouraged by the draw he achieved in the first round then he lost sudden death for time after squandering a winning position and because you have very little to lose and much to gain

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