Turkey boosts renewables shares in power generation

It is a lie to claim that moving to renewable energy is an option since it is inevitable. Why is it that many countries are working on generating power from renewables? If you are keen on the current trends, especially on the environment and climate, you would understand why the move is vital and play a key role in ensuring society’s safety. For years, the planet’s main concern was economic growth neglecting details about the environment. Decades later, we face climatic fluctuations that are depressing, making a move to clean energy inevitable.

Turkey is one of the countries globally working towards the net-zero emission target. Currently, official records show that about 63% of the country’s power in 2020 was from local and renewable sources. In a speech from the President about the energy sector, it is clear that Turkey’s installed power is three times to its level in 2002. Back then, it was about 32,000 MW. However, it is crossing the 96,000 MW in 2021. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this report in his recent meeting with lawmakers in parliament.

The power put up regarding domestic energy sources has risen to over 61,000 MW from the 19,000 MW in 2002. He also stresses that renewable power popularity increases since it is now at 50,000 MW from 12,000 MW. From Erdogan’s report, energy sourced from wind, solar and geothermal energy stood at 36 MW eighteen years ago, but this number has risen to 17,437 MW. Currently, Turkey is at position thirteen globally and sixth in Europe in the renewable energy installed capacity.

This year in February, a report from Fatih Donmez, the Energy and Natural Resource Minister, states that wind energy contribution in the monthly electricity grid is over 10% for the first time. In January, Turkey’s wind energy capacity installation was set at 9,007 MW. Besides, power installation in January is 380 MW more in comparison to the previous month.

One of the wind energy sector backers is the new technology and multiple investments to finance several projects. Experts forecast that turkey will add over 22.3 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2020, getting a total renewable energy capacity of 66.8 GW. Turkey is currently ranked first in energy investments with the government putting up a great project aiming to turn the country into an energy base.

In the President’s report, he talked about the running projects and how the development teams are working to make them operational as soon as possible. Also, President Erdogan explained that the best strategy means diversifying the resources to deliver adequate power in the country. Reliable sources claim that Turkey was the leading country in offshore gas discovery globally in 2020.


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