Solar farm to spend $3 million upfront to the county

In Tulare County, the company constructing the country’s largest solar power plant said that the venture would directly spend more than $200 million in the county as well as up to around $1.1 billion indirectly. Currently, just 4 months after Planning Commission approved it, 8Minute Solar Energy has already accepted to launch the venture by paying about $3 million to this county.

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors passed overwhelmingly the first reading of the franchise order granting the right to build, construct, operate, restore, renovate as well as remove pole lines and the pole lines for 8Minute (identified for the time that it takes light from Sun to reach Earth) and Eight miles of the fiber optic cables are underground along roads surrounding the initiative near Ducor community. 8Minute offers to compensate the county $1 million for the first four miles of the transmission lines, as well as $250,000 in each of the four remaining miles, in return for property rights for the next 35 years.

Transmission lines will be situated along sections of Highway 65, Richgrove Drive, Road 232, Avenue 56, Avenue 64, Road 224, Road 240, and Avenue 32, or other nearby routes that might probably be used. “This order would essentially enable them to utilize other roadways as required,” stated Aaron Bock, associate director of the Resource Management Agency of the county (RMA).

Identified as the Rexford Solar Plant and adding 700 megawatts of electricity, the solar power plant will occupy 3,600 acres with just enough solar panels to generate up to 700 megawatts (MW) of power. It can provide 100 percent of the power required for 180,000 homes per year. In San Luis Obispo, a 550-megawatt Topaz plant installed in the year 2011, the solar arrays will overshadow the state’s largest solar farm. The firm concluded a 25-year deal last year to supply the Department of Water and Power of Los Angeles with electricity.

8Minute revealed in September that it had signed a 15-year purchase agreement with Clean Power Alliance to supply 400 megawatts to consumers in outlying Los Angeles as well as Ventura counties from the very first stage of the Rexford Solar Project. In the coming year, the venture should begin construction as well as come online by 2023. Bock said that much of the agricultural land is not irrigated as well as the venture would significantly minimize the “water footprint” of that region that was severely affected from 2012 – 2017 during the severe drought. As illustrated by land subsidence problems, Southern Tulare County already has a water deficit crisis.

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