The purchase of 645000 new cars by President Joe Biden

A recent report shows that the US federal government possesses over 645047 vehicles, most of which are a menagerie of trucks.  A third of these trucks are passenger cars, and another third are the white, cube-like US Postal Service vans.

After taking over the office, President Joe Biden has canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and committed the United States again to the Paris Agreement. So far, all Biden’s climate actions are not in the form of executive orders or any writing. However, they provide a better and clearer view of the President’s approach to climate change.

President Joe Biden is also devoted to reshaping the American economy. It’s just the other day when Biden signed an executive order to pledge the government to purchase more American-made goods. Biden said that the government has many vehicles, and they will replace them with clean electric vehicles made in America and by American workers. He added that this program is going to employ over 1 million people in the electric-automaking industry.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have decided to go electric, and Biden’s government is following suit. According to AAA, electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs and cheaper fuel costs. The initiative is not meant to influence the present-day market but the impact on the country’s future political economy. It is a reward to the two Biden’s tactical constituencies: young climate advocates and unions in Upper Midwest.

This is the first Democrats’ superior procurement policy, which uses the government’s power to create new markets and mainstream new technologies. There is no stipulated time as to when a policy will be implemented since it is not in writing form. The burning questions are: Will Biden restores federal gas-burning vehicles before the planned time? Will the changeover take 4 or 14 years? This information will show how the policy would benefit electric automakers.

So far, around 1.6 million plug-in EVs have been sold in the US, and in 2019, less than a quarter-million electric vehicles were sold. The government will purchase 129000 new cars if Biden’s administration replaces the whole federal fleet in the next five years. If this is not going to happen, then the policy will have a little significance.

The purchase of new electric vehicles is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions all over the country. In 2019, the federal fleet emitted around 3.4million tons of carbon dioxide, which is almost 20% of the US total carbon emissions. The government should also speed off EVs’ adoption countrywide since each ounce of carbon decrease matters a lot.

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