New Merger in Renewables to Hold Hope for Wind Based Energy Generation

Renewable energy is constantly changing the energy scene. We are generally experiencing constant but gradual shifts from fossil fuel dependence to embracing more environmentally friendly sources of energy. Similarly, the industry also faces other changes in operations, including a potential merger between GE Renewable Energy and Leeward Renewable Energy LLC. Through this partnership, operators monitoring the power plants expect the overall wind farms production to rise to 235 MW when integrated with the current 145 MW power supply from Aragonne Mesa Wind plant.

However, the merger still requires an additional investment for it to be operational. For this reason, GE has set aside a supply of 86 2.x127 and 2.3-116 wind turbine generators for Leeward Renewable Energy. The project has further aims to reinstate production to Aragonne’s operational 90 units by replacing them with the recently introduced WTG styled turbines. Operators expect this shift in operational technology to improve the power plant’s performance and reliability significantly. Recent reports from industry engineers relate that the ventures will be concluded by the end of 2021.

GE has a history of supply arrangements with Leeward in other projects where both operate as partners. This new arrangement marks the company’s third entry in a WTG-GE supply agreement portfolio signed by GE and Leonard within the last 24 months. The cumulative production capacity for both partners amounts close to 500 megawatts of power. The other deals include the already established Mountain Breeze Wind established in Colorado and Lone Tree Wind generation. The previous arrangements are agreements completed in 2020, making the partnership a harmonious union.

Both companies share a recent past of combined planning, especially with GE statin. In contrast, GE managed to collaborate with Leeward on several repower contracts, especially in the companies Sweetwater ventures situated in Texas Sweetwater with a total potential of almost 280 MW. According to Tim White, the CEO of GE Renewable Energy in Onshore America, the company has a long-standing relationship with Leeward.

According to the agreement, the company’s prospects are currently being driven by GE’s wind turbine technology across a vast number of wind farms. He further states that the company is pleased to partner with Leeward in the Aragonne projects. The project aims to significantly boost the output of the wind farm and additionally help their clients to provide alternative sources that would be even more sustainable and environmentally sound.

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