Governor Jared Polis excited as his plans for the transition to renewable energy take shape

Governor Jared and Black Hills Energy revealed that they are one step closer to eradicating emissions in Colorado and reducing electricity bills for the residents of this state. Black Hills Energy is among the utilities that mitigate the pollution problem by coming up with a Clean Energy Plan in its Electric Resource Plan. Vance Crocker, a senior executive of Black Hills Energy, stated that they intend to implement Colorado’s clean energy vision even as they boast of leading in the quest for clean energy. He added that the plan would help the company extend its operations to the areas where they have not explored. Black Hills Energy substituted its Colorado coal plant close to a decade ago with three wind farms in Huerfano County. These plants generate 150 MW of renewable power that is supplied to grids before distribution to households and other entities. 

The company is also preparing to resume construction activities on the Renewable Advantage project, which will generate 200 MW in Pueblo County. Black Hills Energy calculated and found that this project would save its customers $66 million if it kicks off and runs for the next one-and-a-half decades. The company articulated that the program will be operational in the next two years, minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions from this sector by 70% through 2024. Crocker explained that they center their operations on the demands of customers to generate more savings. He added that the solution to customer problems is increasing the quantity of renewable energy produced. The head of the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners, Garrison Ortiz, stated that the county had stipulated its objective solely depending on renewable energy beginning 2035. He explained that this region’s landscape makes it a viable site for wind and solar energy projects.  

Governor Polis noted that his county is ready to announce itself a fully renewable energy state in the next two decades. He said that the activities taking place in the region are in line with the environmental regulations. The governor is happy that the private sector has linked with stakeholders in the public sector to actualize this move. He noted that climate advocates in the county engineered some of the bold objectives they set and are working towards. Moreover, the county has created various Colorado jobs to employ the citizens in the renewable energy industry. Black Hill Energy came up with the Clean Energy Plan to accelerate the reduction of emissions from its programs and exemplify what other companies in this industry should emulate.

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