Tesla, Uber, and other giants in the automotive manufacturing industry form a group to pioneer electric vehicle uptake

Mega manufacturers of electric vehicles, Tesla, Uber, and other industry stakeholders have agreed to form an association that will champion the policies that will accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles boosting their profits. The Zero Emission Transportation Association will facilitate the disbursement of electric vehicle incentives and subsidies to facilitate the substitution of internal combustion engine cars with electric vehicles. Additionally, the association will ensure that stringent emission measures are considered and implemented to actualize electrification of all vehicles by the end of this decade.

The Donald Trump administration disapproved of introducing tax reliefs for electric vehicles encouraging the utilization of ICE cars. The election of Joe Biden into this office will reverse this detrimental strategy. New tax incentives and rebates that he promised will encourage the development of more charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the purchase of the vehicles by consumers.

Biden explained that the electric vehicle market would bring more cash into the country after developing over 500000 charging stations. Additionally, these projects will generate employment opportunities for Americans while combating the transportation industry’s emissions problem. 

Biden’s promises are in agreement with the objectives set by the climatic bodies to realize full electrification of the transportation industry by the end of this decade. The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, stated that the new association would mitigate the transition of all its rides to electric vehicles in the US, Canada, and major European centers to achieve net-zero emissions before the terminus of the next decade. He added that the achievement of the climatic objectives solely depends on all the stakeholders’ combined efforts in the transportation industry.

Car manufacturers in the United States sold over 300000 electric vehicles last year, which equates to less than 5% of vehicles’ sales in the country. Tesla takes pride in being the largest contributor to this figure.

Other companies that form the Zero Emission Transportation Association include Lordstown Motors, Lucid Motors, Duke Energy, Rivian, PG&E, and ConEdison. Secondary members include Siemens, Piedmont Lithium, and Albemarle Corp, which develop batteries that run the electric vehicles.

Three months ago, Governor Gavin Newsom of California went against odds to announce that his state would no longer accept the introduction of new ICE cars in the next fifteen years. This move was his efforts to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and minimize emissions in the state despite going against what the Trump administration was supporting.

In conclusion, California’s move to support electric vehicle uptake and production is crucial, considering that they are the largest automotive market in the United States. Nevertheless, citizens are keen to witness the fulfillment of Biden’s promises.


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