The Needle And Thread Protest Against Trump Movement

Tiny Pricks Project moves the most controversial quotes from the president of the United States on embroidery to create an archive of his term

Donald Trump on Twitter is unstoppable Since the beginning of the term as president of the United States the account of the New York magnate has added more than 9000 publications 60 only on June 4 his record in one day

If coupled with his official appearances the statements that have caused controversy are innumerable The artist Diana Weymar has decided to equip herself with a needle and thread to sew her words on fabrics

An action that has become a peaceful protest movement that wants to be an archive of the four years of Trump in command of the greatest superpower

Tiny Pricks Project was born in June 2018 at the initiative of this 51yearold American based in Victoria Canada Journalist Michael Wolff had just published Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House Ediciones Peninsula a book openly critical of the Presidents Administration

Trump replied on Twitter My two most important resources are mental stability and being very intelligent and concluded I am a very stable genius Then Weymar wove that phrase on a floral embroidery made by his mother photographed it and posted it on his Instagram account as a form of satire The reaction of the users was amazing

Hemingway Charley Burlock artwork
Hemingway Charley Burlock artwork
With only a few days to go before the elections on November 3 this initiative the project has reached 67000 followers on Instagram and 800 participants who have contributed almost 4000 pieces spread over exhibitions in New York Washington and Portland

What was to be a weekly activity now occupies the artists time on a daily basis Quoting Trump on the fabric represents for her a form of catharsis and a possibility to vent the anger and disappointment she feels when reading or listening to his words Something that you can no longer give up

BEBEST Artwork by Roz Chast
BEBEST Artwork by Roz Chast
Mind if I sew as we speak I have to get up to speed because the other night was very important Weymar told this newspaper the day after the first debate between Trump and Biden in Cleveland Ohio

He had chosen the phrase can you shut up friend Pronounced by former vice president Barack Obama after several attempts to speak without being interrupted It is not presidential language but it is a visceral reaction to the idea that Trump thinks that everything he says is important he says

Tiny Pricks is also following the health of the Republican leader and first lady Melania A few hours after the announcement of the couples positive for covid19 a handkerchief appeared on which it reads I tested positive Say positive

Trump to a journalist with an accent You have to speak differently Work of Diana Weymar
Trump to a journalist with an accent You have to speak differently Work of Diana Weymar
In some embroidery the material used represents the axis of the message

The most curious piece in the collection is a sheet of kitchen paper that recalls the roll that the president threw to the crowd in Puerto Rico in October 2017 after the passage of hurricanes Irma and MarĂ­a He has a quote that will not be forgotten on the island The best thing that has happened to Puerto Rico is President Donald J Trump

We document forever what he has said how he has treated others and the way he thinks It also serves to empower people around the world and feel connected during these difficult times says Caron Tabb one of the artists who have participated

Despite the fact that the number of men is very low between 20 and 30 Tiny Pricks has collected works in several languages such as French Spanish or Italian Likewise parallel versions have emerged focused on the presidents of the United Kingdom and Brazil Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro respectively

The Lingua Franca store in New York has hosted the most consistent part close to 600 works hanging on the walls and has attracted an epic response from the public as the manager Rachelle Hruska MacPherson recounts Our customers were speechless and they wait for more pieces to arrive

Even international tourists came exclusively for the project Diana and I believe that this is the appropriate way to avoid normalizing the words and actions of the president

The result of the presidential elections could modify or confirm the current format If there is a peaceful transition something that Trump could refuse due to his criticism of the votebymail system the project will end However if there isnt Tiny Pricks will reflect it

Whether Biden wins or not there will be a lot of people related to Trump who have stories to tell This does not end here Weymar promises

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